• mountain road

    How to plan a tourist trip on over the month?

    You have long wanted to break with all-inclusive and plan your trip yourself, but you do not quite know how to go about it? Or you are afraid that you will forget something and the holidays will fail. If so, we can help. Plan your long-awaited budget travel step by step! Choose your dream direction […]

  • dodam sambong

    Underestimated countries, which is worth to visit on holidays

    It is not true that mass tourism has already arrived everywhere. On the world map there are still many least visited countries that do not differ in beauty from popular holiday destinations, and prices have not yet grown there. Sri Lanka Super-popular both among tourists and backpackers, India has eclipsed Sri Lanka for years as […]

  • flamingo

    Top 5 Most Interesting Zoos in the Word

    There are tons of zoos all around the world but not all of them are the same. Why zoos are good? Because they take care of the animals! Take a look at this list of amazing zoos which should be on everybody’s bucket list! 5. Beijing Zoo in Beijing, China This wonderful place is located […]

  • roller coaster

    The Largest Parks of Entertainment in the World

    Going to an amusement park is a great idea to spend some quality time with your family. But you have probably already seen all the small local parks. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of the largest lunaparks in the world! Remember to put them on your bucket list! 5. Walt Disney World […]