• flower

    The rarest flowers in the world

    There are hundreds of thousands flowering plants in the world. Some of them are easy to grow, some others need special conditions, some of them are common, some others truly rare. Let’s get to know the rarest flowers in the world. Juliet rose Absolutely stunning full cupped rose with the unusual peach color. Named after […]

  • tiger

    The Most Dangerous Animals of Europe

    The wildlife in Europe is wonderful, and it keeps surprising us. Nonetheless, we have to remember that not all animals are friendly. What is more, some of them are fiends, not friends! What are the most dangerous animals in Europe? 5. The Mediterranean Black Widow It is a spider which is a close relative of […]

  • balcony

    What is it worth to breed on the balcony in a flat?

    Flowered balconies are a showcase of every home. For several months of the year they can become a thriving garden, even for those who live in a block of flats and do not have a plot of land. Flowers on the balcony are often the only closer contact with nature that we have. Find out […]

  • dwarf crocuses

    The best plants for the garden

    Among the many plants suitable for growing in the garden are those that every garden owner wants to have. Because they delight with their habit, color, texture of leaves, shape of the crown or flowers, and architectural form. When choosing plants for the garden, you must always take into account the conditions prevailing in it […]