Is a physical therapist income enough for you?

Here is a site that will help you decide

Physical therapists are someone that are a essential part of recovery for anyone that has either been in a serious accident, had major surgery or is suffering from a disease that is making is hard for them to walk or move around. However if you are thinking of getting into physical therapy or looking to become a physical therapist, it would be important to know the type of salary they make. Thankfully there is a website that is here to help you do exactly that and it is called

physical therapy

This site is home to all the relevant information that you need about how much is the PT salaryfor a year and month. Along with that you also get to know the different brackets when it comes to salary. For example, how much a certified therapist would make over someone who has experience but no certification. They also brake down the state wise average salaries for physical therapists, allowing you to see the more profitable states alongwith if your state is the right place to be if you plan on or already are, in this field of work. They also give information based on the average national income of America and how Physical therapist make against that, which is currently 102% more then the average American. Finally you also get to see the variation in income depending on the industry you are a physical therapist in. This means from health care to consulting and everything in between where physical therapists are needed.

So if you are looking to become a physical therapist or you are one and just want to know the type of income you should be making, just head on over to and find out all you need to know.