Use of Instrumental Hip Hop for Beat Production


The instrumental hip hop is also referred to as beat. The composer and producer function as a record producer and is the ultimate responsible person for the final recording of the beat. The instrumental hip-hop is the music created without the addition of vocal sound.

Instrumental Hip Hop

The general rule for creating hip-hop is that the hip-hop should consist of two basic elements: the beat (the instrumental track) and the rap (vocal track). Thus hip hop music is also known as Rap beats. The only difference between beat and rap is that the artist who creates beat is known as a producer and the artist who creates the rap is known as MC. Thus, rap is the primary focus of any song which provides complexity and also a variation to repetitive beats. There are artists who sell beats and there are people who buy beats and buy hip hop beats also.


As there is no MC accompaniment in the hip hop instrumental music, the producer has the flexibility to produce more complex music with complex details and by using varied instrumentals and give less emphasis to the vocals. The songs created using this genre can be wandered in different directions without using vocals of MC. Thus instrumental music is without rap beats and only focus on the musical notes and directions. People who are fond of listening to any kind of music buy beats and those who are fond of listening to modern music may buy hip hop beats.


There are producers who have released and made hip hop beats without the use of rap or MCs however these records are rarely used and became famous. The instrumental hip hop is not completely recognized as a genre and is also referred to as trip hop, hardcore, break beat, drum and bass, grime, oldschool jungle, trap. The instrumental hip-hop can incorporate many samples of different genres of sound and music. Due to the use of other music notes and labels, the producer’s face difficulty in clearing their samples created and thus are sometimes known as unknown labels such as Stones Throw.