What are the advantages of custom software development

Every business has different needs, requirements, goals and more. At some times, for certain requirements, they are unable to use the generic off-the-shelf software which is usually available therefore, they approach software development companies like Oxagile for creating customized software for them.

The reasons why a software development company which deals in customized software does well are:

  1. This software created use the latest technology and they satisfy the requirements of the business. Any difficulties faced by the client or any discontent during development, can be ironed out immediately.
  2. The cost for developing the software may not always be more than buying ready-made software. However, ready-made software comes with additional license costs and the user also needs to change his or her working style to suit the ready-made software. Not so with customized software.

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  1. Maintenance of the customized software is for as long as you want. In the off-the-shelf software however, the maintenance depends on the software developer.
  2. There are more chances of integration of this software with others as this is one of the points that the software development company such as Oxagile always takes into consideration.
  3. The support offered by a software development company which creates customized software is far better than the one that is offered by readymade software. Also another major benefit is that the technical support will be not only reliable but efficient as well. You will also have complete access to the technical support team which developed the application.

It is for these reasons in addition to several other reasons that people prefer custom software development especially if their needs are not run of the mill or they have specific requirements or needs which need to be catered to. This is the most efficient and cost effective solution too.